Saturday, November 16, 2013


This number calls and when you call back it says registration desk.  If you type an extension of 1 you get mail box full.

If you have received a call from this number please comment below with which carrier you are with.

Lets Hold Phone Companies Accountable for reporting and/or cancelling numbers that are SCAM Artists

I understand privacy concerns but if someone is breaking the DNC list and people are reporting it to large companies like Rogers, Bell or Telus, then they should be investigating and should have the power to cancel the service for these numbers.

The number that has been calling the most lately has been: 6478471096  As it has been happening a lot on both our Rogers phones, I reported it to Rogers.  They said they would make a note that I called but nothing about investigating it.    If you have been called by this number please comment below with the carrier you are with.  This will help determine if its an issue with a single carrier or all 3.

I will create a blog post for each of the numbers I get these calls from.  If you get a call and I do not have a post for it then post on this post and I will create a post for it.

Lets build awareneess around which numbers are doing this so these scam artists can be shut down.  If cell providers are so concerned about privacy they would shut down these scam artists that are breaching people's privacy.  It is not like these numbers are registered outside the country they are local numbers.

Look forward to building the awareness.